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Get Involved Serving At Newday


Warm, friendly, non-threatening hosts create the first impression each week at Newday. Hosts serve at the door welcoming guests upon arrival, in the foyer to provide direction and options, and in a roaming capacity to make guests feel comfortable and welcomed in every way.

God Squad

A group of energetic individuals who oversee the physical and logistic needs of Newday and are the set-up and tear-down crew of our mobile church culture. God Squad is made up of two teams which each serve on a rotating basis of six weeks on and six weeks off.

Tech Team

Help create the worship environment by using or developing skills in lighting, sound, video and projection, including Pro Presenter software. Training is provided.

Worship Team

Our worship teams desire to bring joy to God’s heart through creative and engaging corporate worship. A variety of opportunities exist including worship leading, vocalist, instrumentalist, and drama.

Cafe Newday Host

Café Newday is designed with adults in mind. Café Hosts provide simple refreshments and help create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere where adults gather immediately before the worship service. Hosts also assist in facilitating conversations, using a prepared outline that focuses on application of the topic discussed during the worship service.

Newday Kids

Newday Kids range from birth through grade 5 and our classes are divided according to grade. Newday Kids participate in programs that are safe, fun, and Bible focused. There are a variety of roles to fill in working with Newday Kids and you can count on us always needing more hands!

Newday Teens

Newday’s Junior High and High School students need spiritually minded adults who love to have fun and build relationships. Dynamic, teen-focused curriculum is used and monthly community involvement and social times are enjoyed together.  

Care Team

Newday’s care team seeks to demonstrate the love of Jesus in tangible ways to those with specific needs. More specifically, the Care Team provides meals and other forms of support during times of need to the Newday family and those close to us. Members of the care team also assist in preparation for communion services, baptisms and potlucks.

Get Involved Serving Our World

Parker Task Force or 303-841-3460.
A Food Bank and for the families in crisis of Parker, Franktown and Elizabeth. Volunteers help families shop for food, stock shelves, interview clients, or serve at their monthly food drive. “Volunteering at PTF gives me the ability to serve people who have tremendous needs, and these people are my neighbors. This not only keeps me in touch with my community, but is very rewarding.” Dave K.

Parker Adventist Hospital Diana Stout at or 303-269-4904. Volunteers serve in hospitality, gift shop, meal delivery, office support, or ministry to waiting patients or families. 100 hours per year are required, and all volunteers must be at least 16 years old. “I do patient visitation at PAH. As well as visiting with the patients, I just listen and bring them little gifts, magazines, etc. I have been able to pray with some patients and that is the most rewarding experience of my volunteering.” Rita P

Alternatives Pregnancy Center (APC) Linda Saccomano at 303-298-8815 or APC is a local pro-life organization that cares for men and women in pregnancy-related crisis. APC seeks to meet emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and believes volunteers are the voice, heart, and hands of the ministry. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available including client advocate, office help, ultrasound, STD clinic volunteer, post-abortion group facilitator, and 24-hour hotline. Training is provided.

Parker Police Victim's Advocate Nancy Prokop at 303-805-6601 or Provide victims and victims’ families with support, assistance and crisis intervention at a time when it is most needed. Victim’s Advocates work with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, suicide survivors, and other issues. Training is provided and a thorough background check is required.

Saddle Up! Shery McDonald at 303-788-1666. A non-profit that provides special needs children with “hippotherapy,” or therapy on horseback (free weekly riding for special needs kids). Volunteers walk along the horse during riding lessons to support the child, clean barn and feed horses, or research and write grants. An interview is necessary before serving. Height limitations apply for walking horses.

Adventist Community Services Michael Bright at 303-935-7389 ext. 102 or Chris Hill at 303-935-7389 ext. 103. Volunteer opportunities include food bank workers, thrift store workers, medical services professionals, client intake, administrative, and general maintenance.

Adult Literacy Program or 303-791-READ (7323). Imagine being in our great country, yearning to learn English, but not knowing how. There are presently people such as this on a waiting list. Volunteers help people learn to speak, read and write English through GED prep, ESL courses, conversation, and U.S. citizenship prep. “Working with the Literacy program has given me the opportunity to be used by God to help fulfill someone’s dream in this great land of opportunity. At the end of our journey, it is the hope of my student to pass a very difficult college level exam in English!!!” Lois E.

Art For The Nations Lisa Ambler at 303-321-1202 or Spread God’s Word to kids around the world though fun and simple art projects. Volunteers help paint the art bags and assemble the supplies. Perfect for all ages. “I absolutely loved the opportunity. It provided a chance for people of all ages and artistic ability to get together and create beautiful canvas bags for the supplies. While we were there, our group got to know each other better, understand the needs of missionaries, and talk about future projects that we would like to participate in.” Susan L.

Project Cure or 303-792-0729. Help send medical supplies around the world to save lives! Volunteers work in 2 hour shifts sorting uncontaminated medical supplies and loading orders to be shipped worldwide. Must be 15 years old. “I cannot believe how much good a container full of surplus medical equipment can accomplish! Don’t underestimate the value of being willing to serve. All we did was pack some boxes but, in the process, we may have also saved some lives!” Terry T

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For more information on volunteering in our community, visit for ideas and contact information!