Our Mission

Newday exists to “Develop passionate Christ followers who, together, love God and serve people.” This mission was given to us by Jesus in two of His most powerful and poignant statements; the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39). Whether you are just starting to investigate the claims of Christ, or have been following Him for years, Newday would love to partner with you as you seek to love God more and serve people better.

Our Molecule

Becoming a more passionate follower of Jesus doesn’t happen by chance. Nor does loving God more or serving people better happen just by “going to church.” As a result, Newday has a very intentional process to faciliate 3 experiences that help people grow best. We CONNECT to God together through our weekly worship service. We GROW by connecting our lives to others in small groups and journeying together. We SERVE in the church, and in the world. That’s it.
Jesus kept it simple, and so do we!

Our Beliefs and Values

Everything in this world is always changing; our desires, our interests, our skills, and our relationships. But Jesus? He’s consistent. He’s always the same. Sure, He’s always surprising us and touching our lives in thousands of new and different ways, but His character is unchanging. He’s God’s Son, the Creator, our Savior, and Friend.

Our Beliefs
Our Values

Our Staff

Newday is served by pastors who work together to help volunteers find their “sweet spot” of service, encourage people to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and lead the church to engage their world.

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